Apr 112014

Boost Productivity.  With Food.

We can all agree that enhancing good will (and productivity) in your workplace is exceedingly important.  But, for many businesses, the incentives and perks of yesteryear are no longer economically feasible.  So what does your business do to keep staff happy and performing at their peak?   One highly effective way to boost business on a lean budget is through food.  You can enhance staff energy & morale with complicated and expensive things, or… you can feed them.

Even the occasional lunch, breakfast or special treat can go a long way toward improving employee happiness & performance.  So, whether routine or project-based, fuel your team with good food to reap great rewards such as:

& Efficiency – For early startbusinesscateringers, extra efforts, long hours, every day expectations.  Staying at work saves time, improves communication and fosters teamwork.

Engagement & Effectiveness – Better meeting, training & event attendance.   Involved, alert and productive minds are fueled by foods such as lean protein, vegetables, salad, high-fiber carbs (and a treat!).

Excellence – Appreciated & valued employees produce best.

Business Never Tasted So Good

Feeding your staff (and clients) has proven benefits and is a cost-effective way to appreciate and value their contributions.  Below are some opportune times and ways to motivate & inspire them to do their best work.  What ideas do you have?

* Bring it On Breakfast


* Meals on Monday (start off right!)

* Staff and/or Customer Conferences

* Business and Board Meetings

* Company Picnics

* Grill Outs and BBQ’s

* Lunch & Learn Trainings

* Holiday Parties

* Ice-Cream Socials

* Team-Building and Retreats

* Recognition Luncheons

* Daily Deli Lunch (with rotating menu)

* Special Events

* Product Launches or Performances

* Customer Appreciation

* Fiesta Friday

* Luau at Lunch

* Open House

* Fund-Raisers

Great Food = Better Business

Above All Catering & Events has just released all new Corporate Menus that offer flexible, affordable and highly delicious options.  We’re happy to help customize and rotate meals to suit a variety of tastes, dietary restrictions, and budgets.

Whether your needs require full-service or drop-off delivery, our staff will provide high quality cuisine with professional, courteous, and discrete service you can depend on.

Just click the photo or link above to take a look at our tried and true customer favorite dishes as well as some new and exciting additions that promise to satisfy everyone’s discerning palate.  Give us a call.  We’ll treat you and your business like family!


Apr 052014

You can cook your Easter Eggs up in a variety of ways, but there is a tride and true method for Hard Boiled Eggs and it’s Easy!


Plan to re-purpose your Easter Eggs into something tasty after the hunt?  Don’t get peeved when it’s time to peel,  just buy those incredible edibles a couple weeks early and store in the fridge.  With age comes wisdom and easier peeling.

Mar 172014
photo by - Travis Schneider

photo by – Travis Schneider

It goes without saying that spending time in community service is a win-win opportunity.  Even small efforts make a big difference.  But, there is an incredibly positive impact that a little catering to community has on the caterer too.  That was sure the case when we recently partnered in a service project with a little band you may be familiar with, MAROON 5These guys are rock stars in every sense of the word.  Getting involved to support the inspiring work of THE TEEN PROJECT and FREEHAB house here in our community was a no-brainer.

Take a second to watch the band’s video about this project, then check out 5 Reasons We Cater to Our Community & Maroon 5…

1.  Volunteering feels good and it’s good for you too -  As caterers, we simply kept a group of hard workers (aka rock stars) nourished as they spent a day working at the FREEHAB facility.  Our staff witnessed firsthand how anyone and everyone can make a difference.  One shared that The band was AMAZING and so hands on – they got their hands dirty and totally helped out!”  We highly recommend that you get involved in your community.  It will do good and feel good too!

2.  Your time saves a lot of money  A little time in community service goes a long long way.  Your effort helps work get done while money is saved for higher levels of service back to the community.  The added value to this particular project is that the REVERB TEAM AND M5 worked together with FREEHAB supporters to design and create a ‘GREEN’ Clean Living Apartment at the Los Angeles Freehab facility.

3.  Teaming up to work toward a common goal is rewarding Among those who came together to support  THE TEEN PROJECT & FREEHAB were…




event partner3event partner2event partner6





4.  Your love for community can’t help but grow - This project absolutely gave us a greater understanding, respect and appreciation for the often forgotten youth in our community.  We came away with huge admiration for THE TEEN PROJECT & FREEHAB.  It’s their priority to serve transitional age youth between the ages of 18-24, often when they are aged-out of foster care and other situations, facing homelessness.

Take a look at why we are so moved by FREEHAB’S DISCIPLINED YET LOVING PROGRAM.

5.  Everyone can make a differenceEvery person counts!

Feb 162014

When it comes to wedding planning, it turns out that keeping it “simple” requires a checklist of several pages + 16 months worth of details.  Even the folks at Real Simple couldn’t keep it so when they put together this Wedding Planning Checklist.

Believe it or not, it is possible to whittle your checklist and your worries down to the bare minimum while planning the wedding of your dreams.  All you need is one afternoon, a room full of industry experts, and a pencil to check-off all the to-do’s on your list.


#1  Power-walk through the aisles, gathering as many brochures, flyers, business cards and samples as possible.  Sign-up for contests, prizes and give-aways.  Once home, pour through the mounds of pictures and paper you collected and try to remember which of the vendors offered a personal touch and made you feel special.  (harder than it sounds)

#2 Move a little slower through the fair, talking and asking questions of the vendors.  Experience, in person, what can’t be offered online, in pictures or otherwise.  Smell the flowers, taste the cakes, step into the photo booth, watch the fashion show, book the caterer’s tasting.  Take advantage of vendor face-time, get to know their “personality” and how they make you feel.  Ask questions, seek recommendations, gain confidence in those you decide to entrust with your business.

There’s value in both techniques, but we think #2 is the way to go!  Smart couples look to bridal fairs as a way to make educated decisions in a time-efficient way.  This is one well-spent afternoon to ensure you have a celebration that you can enjoy from start to finish.

Above All Catering & Events is excited to be a Preferred Vendor at the Premier Bridal Show on February 23rd at the Long Beach Convention Center.

                     We look forward to helping you create a celebration that is uniquely your own (and stress-free).

Feb 092014

Ordinarily, we’re all about throwing big festive parties, but this week is a little different.  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away so it’s time to get personal.  Some Most guys we know could use a few encouraging words kick in the pants, so….

Mirror of Love_Valentine's Day


#1  SUPER BOWL OF LOOOOVE -  If necessary, that’s how you …need to think of February 14th.  Get your game plan together now.  And by “now”, we mean don’t wait till Friday!

#2  DO NOT IGNORE  –  Pretend this is just another day and suffer the ice-cold consequences.  Too busy?  Too bad.

#3  SURPRISES ARE GOOD – You don’t score touchdowns by sticking with the same old plays.  Surprises should be special and can be cost-effective too.  It’s a win-win.   Tie the apron on and cook a romantic dinner.  Take her to a chick-flick.  Write sweet post-it notes and leave them on the bathroom mirror.  You’ll figure it out.

#4  GIVE A THOUGHTFUL GIFT – A little effort goes a long way and this gesture puts points on the board.  A book by her favorite author.  A pair of shoes or handbag she’s been eyeing.  Flowers.  Jewelry.  It’s all good when you show that you really have been listening.

#5  YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION -  If you do nothing else, pay your love the time and attention she deserves.  Resist all distraction and focus, focus, focus.  You can do this!

Dec 312013

As the year comes to an end, we can’t help looking back over the many wonderful events we’ve catered and all of the amazing people we’ve met. We love remembering all of the special moments we shared with each of you and we also cherish the memories we’ve made with all of our new friends.

Here are a few pictures of some of our favorite memories in the year 2013:

Hollywood Theme Wedding: This theme wedding was such a fun event to cater for. This couple was so cute and we loved all of the classic cars in this beautiful venue. You can read more about this wedding here.


HollywoodWedding2       HollywoodWedding5

Birthday Parties Galore: While we love catering for weddings and other special events, there’s always something about a first birthday party that is just so adorable. This birthday party was really creative and exciting. Thanks for letting us be a part of this wonderful day! You can read more about planning first birthday parties here.

1st bday party 5

1st bday party 4


Susan G. Komen Luncheon: We simply love participating in a good cause. And the fight against breast cancer is always a great cause! We especially loved serving all of these wonderful women. You can learn more about the luncheon here.

IMG_1143     IMG_1229



Best Caterers in Orange County: Another one of our fond memories in 2013 was being named one of the best caterers in Orange County. It was so nice to be recognized for all of our hard work. You can read more about this honor here.


Though it’s sad to say goodbye to another wonderful year, we are exited to see what this next year has in store for us. We already have some awesome events booked and we have some enticing appetizers to add to our menu. So, as the year comes to an end tonight, let’s celebrate the adventures in the past and look forward to the ones yet to come.


Happy New Years from all of us at Above All!!!

Dec 242013

Do you adore pink?

centerpiece      cake

Do you wish you could add more purple to your wedding decorations?



With Pantone’s official color of 2014, you can have a combination of both purple and pink for your wedding colors without worrying about clashing. Radiant orchid is definitely the color to watch in 2014. Whether you use it for weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events, radiant orchid works well for all occasions. This elegant color has a rich, jewel tone, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable only for fall or winter occasions. This deep, elegant color will also add some vibrant hues to your spring or summer affair.

Here are a few pictures to help you see how elegant radiant orchid could be in your wedding next year:




Pantone’s color of the year in 2013 was Emerald Green.

Radiant Orchid photo courtesy of theknot.com

Dec 192013

Have you noticed the recent winter wedding trend? According to The Knot, the hot new trend for winter weddings is a combination of greens and whites with accents of dusty pastels.

We love the idea of combining beautiful, deep green hues with the contrasting white accents. And we have been in love with dusty pastels ever since burlap became a hot new decorating trend! Here are some of our favorite recent weddings that incorporated these trendy colors within their special event:


Don’t you just love this elegant white wedding cake with seashells? And the beautiful tan details are stunning as well. Add all that to the gorgeous contrasting colors of the flowers surrounding the cake, and we instantly fell in love with these wedding colors.


We just can’t get over how beautiful this lovely event was with the contrasting greenery in the background. California has gorgeous tropical plants growing all year round, so it’ll be easy for you to incorporate deep green hues in your winter wedding here.


One of the best ways to help your special event stand out is to add another rich, contrasting color to the mix. We love how the red tablecloth adds a pop of color to the brown and green hues.


What do you think of this hot, new winter wedding trend? Do you love this color combination or not? Feel free to leave your response in the comments below.

Dec 162013

Winter weddings are some of our favorite events. You have a beautiful bride and her handsome groom. Add some magical snow to the event, and you’ve found yourself a winter wonderland. This magical wide paradise is beautiful; however, the part we love the most about winter weddings is the delicious food we get to create.

The Knot recently posted a great blog about a few yummy options you could serve at your winter wedding or event. Here are some of our favorite ideas:


grilled cheese and tomato soup shots

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup: How delicious does this sound for a winter event? We absolutely love the idea of using shot glasses to give your guests a small taste of some gourmet soup that’ll leave them wanting more. And can’t you just imagine these grilled cheese sandwiches melting in your mouth?


hotchocolatebar     choco cup

Hot Chocolate Bar: You can never go wrong with a hot chocolate bar for your special event. Everyone loves a yummy hot chocolate drink on a cold afternoon. And there are limitless options you can choose to add some flavor to your hot drinks.


mini chocolate lava cakes

Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes: Why serve your guests your elegant wedding cake when you can give them their own delicious creation? These mini chocolate lava cakes will satisfy your guests’ tastebuds and will allow your wedding cake to remain one of the centerpieces of your reception.


Potato bar     baked potato

Potato Bar: If you’d like to give your guests a healthier option that’ll still warm your guests up on this cold day, a potato bar is just the thing for you. You can serve anything from tator tots to french fries to baked potatoes. This appetizing display will fill your guests’ stomachs and improve their spirits.


soup sips in mini mugs

Soup Sips in Mini Mugs: How adorable are these little mugs filled with some mouthwatering soup? Your guests will love the elegant simplicity of this meal. This way, you can also give your guests the option of tasting a variety of soups without filling up too quickly.



Pictures courtesy of theknot.com

Dec 122013

You don’t have to go above and beyond with decorations and activities this year in order to enjoy the holiday season. It’s fun to go out and admire the twinkling Christmas lights and taste the holiday goodies. However, sometimes it can all seem too much work than it’s worth. That’s why we’ve found some great holiday activities and decor that fit right in with your easy-going personality:


Decorate wine bottles with Christmas lights. Wine bottles are common household items that can easily be transformed into classy holiday decor. Follow the directions on this link to learn how to make these simple decorations today.


brownies  pancake

Did you know that metal cookie cutters are good for more than just making sugar cookies? You can also make some festive pancakes, brownies, or fudge by following the directions on the following two links: pancakes and brownies.


cookie        floats

Enhance your holiday treats by creating cute and easy themes. You can do something as fun as making cookies in festive shapes or creating floats in the form of snowmen. Simple enhancements can turn an ordinary treat into a holiday tradition.



Get ready for a holiday movie night with this delicious Moose Munch. In doing so, you’re guaranteed to fill your heart and your stomach with holiday cheer. Just don’t eat too much of it or you may not feel so cheerful later on.


Christmas doesn’t always have to be such a big to-do. Sometimes, it’s easiest just to leave the festive get-ups to the professionals. If you’re interested in a small, quiet holiday celebration this year, these options are just for you. On the other hand, if you’d like to wow your friends and family with an incredible holiday party, hire a caterer and be prepared for a fun time.

You can see more great holiday ideas on our Pinterest page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about holiday party quotes or how we can show you we are a step above the rest!